Testimonials from Teachers and Students

Testimonials from IHCWAY Members

English teacher Tim's testimonial (Australia)

My experience working with IHCWAY has been very enjoyable and rewarding. IHCWAY provides a flexible, 1 on 1 learning system making it easier for both student and teacher.  

Lessons are comfortable, in a familiar cafe environment for students and as a result there is a deeper, more meaningful relationship between student and teacher. All of the students I have met have been great people. Very friendly, keen to learn and willing to make mistakes. Not only am I able to further their English studies but I learn more about them and Japan through our discussions. Each student has different needs and goals which makes lessons varied and improves my ability to teach English to people from different backgrounds.

The flexibility allows me to work around other commitments and travel.

I would recommend IHCWAY to anyone looking to teach English and enjoy their time in Japan.