Testimonials from Teachers and Students

Testimonials from IHCWAY Members

English and French teacher Crystal's feedback (Canada)

I am from Canada and am now working as an Elementary School Teacher. IHCWAY allowed me to do something different after school and on the weekends. I also appreciate the flexibility of scheduling, as I can work around my commitments.

I enjoy teaching my students 1-on-1 because I get to focus on my students' individual needs, problems and goals. My students and I have also built a friendly, trusting relationship so they feel comfortable making mistakes and asking questions. We also have a lot of fun and laughs together while learning English.
Teaching at IHCWAY is definitely a great experience. I would especially recommend it for foreigners who have a job but also want something new, challenging and fun to do after work. I look forward to continue working with IHCWAY and teaching English!

Lesson location : Kichijoji