Testimonials from Teachers and Students

Testimonials from IHCWAY Members

English teacher Nicolas's feedback

Working for IHCWAY has been both an opportunistic and fun experience.  Having both the security of a professional company combined with the convenience of private lessons has been so beneficial for my college life.  I can fit my lessons around my school schedule, and not have to worry about anything other than teaching the lessons.  IHCWAY took care of everything else.  On top of the convenience, it really is a fun experience.  All of the students are learning English for different reasons, and you really get to know your students through the one-on-one teaching method.  Lastly, my favorite thing about IHCWAY is the atmosphere of teaching in a cafe.  Teaching in casual attire, in a place with a relaxed atmosphere seems to attract the most diverse and interesting of students, which makes teaching both easy and enjoyable.  Ultimately, teaching at  IHCWAY has been an extremely beneficial opportunity for me in terms of job experience, financials, as well as being enjoyable! 

Lesson location :Shinjuku

-Nicholas Zerby