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English teacher Lincoln's feedback

I traveled to Japan looking for a life changing experience, and with assistance from IHCWAY, my adventure certainly increased with satisfaction.  I want to thank IHCWAY for this wonderful opportunity.  Every email from IHCWAY are professional, reliable and quick, which is why I never hesitate to ask any questions I might have.  IHCWAY introduced many friendly students to me at a rapid speed.  I honestly love meeting every single student of mine, so I try my best to organize my schedule to create all possible appointments.  I feel highly privileged to have so many students.  Each of them are extremely kind and interesting. 
When my journey in Japan comes to an end, I will never forget or regret the experience I've acquired from IHCWAY.  Truthfully, I'm not ready for home because Japan is a fantastic place!  Moreover, thank you again IHCWAY for broadening my horizons!!
Lincoln from Canada

Lesson location :Ebisu,Shibuya