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Testimonials from IHCWAY Members

English teacher John's feedback

I have been most fortunate to have been given the opportunity to teach English through the IHCWAY system. When I first learned about the innovative IHCWAY teaching method, I was impressed by its emphasis on teaching the natural way of speaking English as opposed to translating each sentence from the end to the beginning. The method makes sense because it focuses on visualizing the entire picture of the sentence just as a native speaker does--much like learning a karaoke song. I can appreciate this approach because in my own Japanese language studies I too found myself translating each sentence from back to front, which I found way too slow and without a strong foundation.
As an IHCWAY teacher, I have met many great students who are so enthusiastic and diligent in their English studies. Actually, I learn just as much as my students, if not more--about Japan and its culture, how to approach learning a foreign language, and Japanese business life through the reflections of my students' work lives. IHCWAY preselects and screens each student that they refer to me, thereby ensuring that each of my students is highly professional and personable. In fact, every one of my students is more of a new friend than a customer of mine. The one-on-one lessons in a relaxed, conversational cafe-setting are so very much enjoyable and personable--it hardly seems like working, but more like having a good time talking with a good friend!

I highly recommend working for IHCWAY if you want to meet great people, learn more about the Japanese way of life, and experience the reward of helping very motivated students improve their English skills. It is such a pleasure for me to be able to travel around Tokyo meeting and sharing experiences with genuinely devoted students through the challenging, yet rewarding, language learning and teaching process. I cannot imagine a better way to truly see into Japan than by being an instructor for IHCWAY. It has definitely been a blessing for me!   

John Chilcott, from the United States

Lesson location : Takadanobaba,Shinjuku