Testimonials from Teachers and Students

Testimonials from IHCWAY Members

English teacher Aaron's feedback

"IHCWAY has been a outstanding opportunity for me during my time in Japan. They have treated me with nothing but kindness and respect.

Always professional, IHCWAY keeps me up to date with my students and responds with haste to any question or issue I might have.

IHCWAY has introduced me to wonderful people during my time with the school and has greatly enhanced my experience in Japan."

Aaron from the United States

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Kouji , Fridays at 6 pm in Ebisu

Reiko, Fridays at 6pm in Ebisu

Tatsuhiro, Saturdays at 6pm in Shibuya

Sei, Sundays at 5pm  in Shinagawa

Ito ,Sundays at 11am in Gotanda

Miyuki ,Fridays at 3pm in Shinagawa