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From Karlos (English teacher) Tokyo,Shinagawa area

I am an American native speaker, with a diverse background in the business environment and have been teaching English in Japan for over a year. My students practice and improve their English proficiency by using good communication skills and expand their knowledge of American idioms, and expressions while also becoming more familiar with the American culture. I am also fluent in Spanish, and have experience teaching this language as well.


It is important for me to have my students build on their fluency and usage in English with their pronunciation, speaking, conversation and with listening comprehension. I also help my students develop their confidence for situations such as social, travel and business interaction and I adjust my teaching to meet each of my students' needs and capabilities.


IHCWAY is such a professional language school that I have found their techniques to be successful with both the students and teachers. IHCWAY's methods are designed for students with a high level of commitment. Due to IHCWAY's careful screening, my students are courteous, serious, and eager to learn as much as they can in order to enhance their English skills. IHCWAY has also provided me support and assistance whenever I have needed them and have always been flexible with my time. Since I have been teaching at IHCWAY, it has been a highly rewarding experience.